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Target Makes Liberty Counsel’s ‘Naughty’ List for Censoring Christmas

Does it help? Liberty Counsel’s founder and chairman, Mat Staver, told The Christian Post that Walmart used to be on their “naughty” list, because they used to censored the word Christmas. Walmart used to call “Christmas trees” “Holiday trees,” and instructed its cashiers not to say “Merry Christmas.”

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“Our campaign urged consumers to register complaints, and they did,” Staver said. “The following year, Walmart stated it would say ‘Merry Christmas’ early and often. The effectiveness of this campaign was demonstrated in this retailer’s decision to change its behavior. We have seen many retailers make similar changes.”

In addition to their “Naughty and Nice Retail List,” The Liberty Counsel also addressed how the courts and U.S. Constitution preserve the freedom to celebrate Christmas by publishing a legal memorandum.

The Liberty Counsel has helped restore nativity scenes that were banned from public property, fought and won battles pertaining to nursing homes banning Christmas carols for their residents, and returned proper wording to Christmas songs that were edited by school officials to remove religious wording.

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