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Matt Chandler Responds to Deconstruction Controversy

“I hope this at least clarifies how I was using the word in the clip,” Chandler concluded. He then shared that he was in the woods of Georgia with spotty reception and would be turning off the comment section for the post.

Jonathan Merritt Compares Chandler to Mark Driscoll

On Tuesday, well-known author and writer, Jonathan Merritt posted a different clip from The Village Church’s pastor, comparing him to former Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll.

“A recorded rant by Pastor Matt Chandler’s is being passed around. Some are noting that the condescending tone, dismissive laughter, unhinged yelling and name-calling (eg – “narcissistic zero” & “silly pathetic little boy”) sounds oddly like Mark Driscoll,” Merritt said.

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Merritt shared that he believes the clip is being passed around due to Christianity Today’s popular podcast series The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, saying, “Please note that this is not a new clip. It is being passed around now due to the popularity of CT’s Mars Hill podcast centering on former Chandler friend, Mark Driscoll.”

Merritt’s father, James, was blasted last month for promoting his son’s sermon, because Jonathan is an outspoken gay man.

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