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Satirical ‘Anti-Critical Theory’ Bible Translation Takes Aim at ‘Colorblind’ Theology

Dyer then clarifies that he isn’t advocating for critical theories, only pointing out “the problems with fearing them.”

“The scriptures teach us that every part of our humanity is broken by sin, not only our bodies and souls, but our relationships and the things we make like schools, governments, and legal systems,” Dyer continues. “Critical Theories attempt to investigate how evil can be embedded in these systems. They function like an X-Ray, showing problems hidden beneath the surface. This means that Christians concerned with bringing God’s justice into the world might in some cases find a Critical Theory helpful for diagnosing sin.”

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Nevertheless, because of sin, there are instances when useful theories can be misused, says Dyer. However, Dyer feels that rather than living in fear, Christians can rest in the idea that truth is found in the person of Jesus. Further, if there are tools that help Christians act more justly and love their neighbors better, they should see that as a good thing. 

“Let us be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves,” Dyer concludes.

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