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Congressman Dan Crenshaw Under Fire After Heated Exchange With Young Woman Who He Says Questioned His Faith

Dan Crenshaw
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Republican Congressional Representative for Texas Dan Crenshaw has come under fire for an exchange he had with a young woman whom he felt was questioning his Christian faith during a Q&A session at a recent Tea Party fundraiser.

In a video tweeted by political lobbyist Scott Parkinson, the young woman can be seen addressing Crenshaw from a microphone positioned among the audience seating area. 

“My most important value in life is my faith in Jesus Christ, and I heard you talking earlier about your most important thing as well. He’s my King who came down to earth to die for me and the rest of the world’s sin,” she said. “I’ve seen you claim to be a Christian. You talk about God. But when you claim Jesus to be a ‘hero archetype,’ you not only lied about Jesus not being real but you lied about being a Christian.”

The young questioner was referring to remarks Crenshaw made during a 2020 appearance on the Jocko Podcast, in which Crenshaw referred to Jesus as a “hero archetype” alongside Superman. To clarify for the rest of the audience what she was referring to, the young questioner read Crenshaw’s own words back to him.

“To give context to anyone who hasn’t heard, Crenshaw said, ‘The most important thing here is that we have important hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype. Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters too. I could name a thousand: Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan,’” the questioner said. 

“I can’t wrap my head around this,” she continued. 

“Well, I’ll help you,” Crenshaw interjected, visibly agitated. “Put a period after the word ‘Jesus,’ and don’t question my faith.”

“Wow,” exclaimed someone in the audience as the crowd began to jeer at Crenshaw. Another person shouted, “To a 10 year-old girl! Way to go, guy!” 

The name of the questioner has not been confirmed, but according to congressional candidate Jameson Ellis, who also tweeted a video of the incident, the questioner is 18 years old. Another person tweeted that the questioner is a volunteer for Ellis’ campaign with images of the young woman posing with other volunteers holding campaign signs for Ellis. Ellis is seeking to take Crenshaw’s congressional seat. 

Amid continued heckling and booing, Crenshaw repeated in a softer tone, “Don’t question my faith.”

“You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I will answer them. But don’t question my faith,” the combat veteran turned congressman said. 

The young questioner replied, “I didn’t question your faith if this is what you said.”

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