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‘My God Is an Awesome God’: Former Satanist Comes to Jesus

Carl Sartor
Image via Facebook.

This past weekend, an unlikely convert’s story of coming to faith in Jesus went viral on Facebook. Carl Sartor, 35, shared about how he went from being a Satanist to being baptized this past November. 

“I’ve never been a spiritual person. I believed when you die you [were] dead. That was it. I’ve been running from God since I was about 5. I would argue you tooth and nail that he did not exist,” Sartor said in the Facebook post on Sunday evening, which featured an image of Sartor wearing a shirt that said “Saved by Satan,” alongside a picture of his baptism.

“I was living in a vicious cycle of drugs and alcohol. I had a severe anger problem. I blamed everyone and everything. I also blamed God. I decided to try something different after all else [had] failed,” Sartor continued. “I got baptized in November and for the first time in my life I felt whole.”

Sartor shared with CBN News that he spent 15 years as an atheist, followed by five years as a Satanist. He had struggled with a meth addiction and mental health issues for many years, and he said that he hit rock bottom in 2021. 

After a failed suicide attempt, Sartor found himself, for the first time, with an open mind about Jesus. It was then that he decided to attend a service at Cross Church in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He had been invited nearly a year earlier by the church’s pastor, Rich Walters. 

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According to Walters, Sartor was so overcome during the time of worship music that he was ready to be baptized before the sermon even began. 

“Today, he’s a worshipper. Today, he’s a believer. Today, he’s my brother in Christ,” Walters said

Sartor went on to say in his Facebook post, “For the first time in life I had a spiritual experience. God is real and I will continue to walk this path with him beside me. By his grace I’m by far the best version of me I have ever been.”

“My God is an awesome God and I pray that everyone gets to experience his love as I have,” Sartor concluded. 

Sartor’s Facebook post has received an outpouring of support and celebration.

“Amen Brother I’m so happy you found God!!! I know you and have known you for many years and never thought I’d see you like you are now and I’m praising God we will be side by side in Heaven one day,” one friend said.