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A Christian Music Tour During the Pandemic? NewSong’s Russ Lee Shares Why It’s Important

CL: The ticket prices were lowered back down to $10 from $15—any particular reason?

Lee: As we really introduced Winter Jam we wanted to make sure that it was as affordable to our audience as possible. Our goal has always been to keep Winter Jam affordable for families. So for us, every night is a step of faith and trust with the hope that there will be enough people that show up and give Him a free will offering to help us pay the expenses of the evening.

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CL: What is the mission of the Winter Jam tour?

Lee: Our mission has always been to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to do it in a fun and exciting way, but more importantly, we want to make sure the gospel is shared clearly. We always give people the opportunity to respond to the message of the gospel at Winter Jam, and we’ve seen thousands upon thousands place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and that’s what keeps us going! Sharing the gospel is our mission and we take the message of the gospel seriously since it is that the only eternal hope for all of humanity. We want our audience to hear God‘s heart.

CL: Why should someone attend Winter Jam this year?

Lee: Winter Jam is a wonderful time of music, worship, and ministry. Our goal is for Christ to be exalted and for Christians to be encouraged, and for the message of the gospel to be clearly presented. Our hope is that Christians will bring their non-Christian friends to Winter Jam. We know that they’ll enjoy the music and the production, and then we stop everything and have someone clearly share the message of the gospel and give everyone the opportunity to respond. We want to be an extension of what God is doing locally in each community that we visit. We believe Christians need to be reminded [of the gospel] in these days that we’re living in, [and] that it’s OK to enjoy being in the presence of Jesus together as one body.

Every night on the Winter Jam tour, fans can be guaranteed they’ll hear “Arise My Love,” NewSong’s powerful song about Jesus’ resurrection.

Check to see if the tour is coming near you here.