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SoCal Christian School Teacher Under Fire for Leading Preschoolers in Anti-Biden Chant

Turning Point Christian School
Photo by Dale Chamberlain.

Turning Point Christian School, a private Christian school located in Norco, CA, has apologized to parents after a teacher led a group of preschoolers in an anti-Biden chant as part of a President’s Day lesson. 

In a video captured by the unidentified teacher and shared on a messaging app used to communicate with parents, the group of preschoolers can be seen standing in a semi-circle and engaging in a call-and-response. 

The teacher asks, “Who’s our president,” and the children respond, “Biden!” 

“And what do we want to do with him,” the teacher asks. The children respond, “We want him out!”

“What,” the teacher responds, to which the children shout louder, “We want him out!”

Christina McFadden, mother of two, told KABC that she was “in shock” when she saw the video message wherein her daughter was participating in the chant, saying, “I had to watch it multiple times to realize, is this really happening?”

McFadden was further troubled by the fact that her daughter quickly referenced the chant upon being picked up from class. 

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“The first thing she said to me when I picked her up was ‘We want him out,’” McFadden said. “That was the great message she learned that day. Her first history lesson.”

After McFadden complained to the school, the video was taken down from the messaging app within three hours of it being posted. Turning Point Christian School’s administration released a statement to parents apologizing for “any misunderstanding” the video caused.

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