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Manufacturer of Guns Used in Texas Shooting Previously Tweeted Images of Assault Weapons Alongside Bible, Cross, Small Child

In the wake of the shooting, some have scoffed at the idea of enacting stricter gun control legislation. 

“People demanding ‘common sense’ gun laws fail to realize [that] the people they think will obey those laws don’t use common sense,” tweeted Darrell B. Harrison, Dean of Social Media for John MacArthur’s “Grace to You” ministry. “Besides, a society that believes 2+2=5 and that can no longer define what a woman is, may want to find something other than ‘common sense’ to make its case.”

“I’ll give up my guns as soon as the government gives up theirs,” tweeted Babylon Bee Managing Editor Joel Berry, one day after the massacre. 

On the other hand, some evangelicals are urging reform on gun policies, not only in light of this most recent mass shooting, but in light of the myriad of others that came before it and will likely continue to occur if nothing is done.

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“We have had more mass shootings this year in the US than days in 2022. Since the Columbine shooting, over 311,000 students have experienced gun shootings,” tweeted Raymond Chang, president of Asian American Christian Collaborative. “Question 1: what is ok about this? Question 2: if we can prevent some of this with legislation, wouldn’t you want to?” 

Advocating for “red flag” laws, legal expert David French wrote, “The idea is simple—if a person exhibits behavior indicating that they might be a threat to themselves or others (such as suicidal ideation or violent fantasies), a member of his family, a school official, or a police officer can go to court to secure an order that permits police to seize his weapons and prohibit him from purchasing any additional weapons so long as the order lasts.”

“Note that in every one of the deadliest school shootings, the shooter exhibited behavior before the shooting that could have triggered a well-drafted red flag law,” French went on to say.

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Daniel Defense for comment and will update this article in the event of their response. 

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Editor’s Note: Though police have identified the alleged gunman, it is the policy of ChurchLeaders not to name assailants in mass shootings out of respect for the victims and in an effort not to glorify the killer.