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Former Congregants Use Billboard to Warn Others About Ohio Church

Dwell Community Church student ministries executive pastor Brian Adams said that members are free to leave at any time, and “we have many members who are willingly, joyfully following Jesus here in our community, but our members know that they’re free to leave at any time, if that’s what they’d like to do.”

“We’re heartbroken, right, that there are people that have had a poor experience in our church,” Adams continued. “And our hope is ultimately just that, if the experience at Dwell is not what they were looking for, that they won’t abandon their faith, and we’ll be able to find a community that really fits what they’re looking for.”

NBC4 Columbus’ Jamie Ostroff asked Adams whether he believed the problems at Dwell Community Church were systemic in nature.

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“No, I would say that we continually are evaluating, we’re continually growing, and I believe that we have made several great changes and ways that we have grown as a church,” Adams responded, providing a “Proactive Upgrades in Student Ministry” guide that the church has updated.

According to NBC4 Columbus, most of the negative allegations have come from the ministry Adams oversees, including the college ministry hosted at the nearly 60,000-student Ohio State University.

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ChurchLeaders has reached out to Dwell Community Church for comment.