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Jason Lovins Shares Story of Being Spared From Abortion in New Music Video

Jason Lovins
Jason Lovins has often told the story of his mother's decision to choose life for him despite the difficult circumstances of his conception. Now, that story is told in video for the new song "Constant."

NASHVILLE (BP) – Jason Lovins has shared his story of being spared from abortion to audiences across the country for years. But for the first time, the story is being told in video.

The Jason Lovins Band’s new single, “Constant,” features guest vocals from Russ Lee, lead singer of CCM supergroup NewSong.

The music video for the song, released earlier this summer, depicts the story of his mother’s pregnancy journey and the decision she faced, while the song lyrics tell of God’s constant character.

Jason Lovins’ (front) first memory is attending the high school graduation of his mother Lisa (second from right) along with his Grandma Mary Jo Lovins, Uncle Greg Lovins and Grandpa Ray Lovins. It was also Jason’s third birthday.

Lovins’ mother conceived him after being sexually assaulted while walking home from the pool when she was 15 years old.

He said his mother doesn’t even remember the incident and has no idea who his father is. The way she found out was after going to the doctor after feeling sick and not knowing what was going on.

After the initial shock wore off, Lovins said his grandmother had a profound response.

“My Grandma told my Mom, ‘We’re going to go to church, and we’re going to pray,’” Lovins said. “If you could have heard her tell the story, she made it sound so simple, yet I know it could not have been easy. My grandmother very much understood how big God is. He is so big that He wasn’t surprised by me. She wasn’t listening to the world, she was listening to the One who created the world.”

Even though many Christians they knew suggested his mother should get an abortion, having the baby and putting it up for adoption was the plan from the beginning.

That is, until she heard Jason’s heartbeat for the first time.

His mother decided she not only wanted to have the baby, but raise the baby herself with the help of her parents and brother.

Lovins said he has fond memories of his unconventional upbringing, and even said his first memory is of his mother’s high school graduation, the same day as his third birthday.

“My family made it very clear to me at a young age that you don’t have an earthly father and we don’t even know who it is, but you have a Heavenly Father who loves you, and they would continue to remind me of that,” Lovins said.

“That’s always been enough for me. I don’t know any other way to say it. I was loved by so many different people. I’m blessed that God chose to put me in the family that He did.”

Despite being content in his circumstances, Lovins said he never really shared his story until his early music career.

One night while performing with his college band at a local church, Lovins said he just felt compelled to share the story with audience. The pastor commended him for doing so, and made him promise to continue sharing it.

Lovins now said he now makes it a point to share his story every time he is in front of a live audience.

“God just showed me clearly, ‘There’s a reason I wrote your story this way, and I’m going to have you share this and give you a platform to do it,’” Lovins said.