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Russell Moore Named Editor in Chief for Christianity Today

“Bravo, @CTmagazine! A truly fantastic decision,” tweeted interim ERLC president Brent Leatherwood. “Some may be unaware, but this means @drmoore now holds the position originally held by Dr. Carl Henry—a brilliant Christian thinker. That makes this move by CT all the more fitting. Onward.” 

Notably, Moore recently wrote the foreword to a recent reprint of Henry’s landmark 1947 work “The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism,” published by Crossway.  

Daniel Darling, who serves as the director for Southwestern Seminary’s Land Center for Cultural Engagement, tweeted, “I like this move, both for @drmoore and for @CTmagazine and I LOVE that they are bringing in my friend @joyallmond into the leadership.”

“As a @CTmagazine contributor, I’m so happy to see this,” tweeted author and bible teacher Jen Wilkin. “Congratulations, @drmoore!”

Somewhat predictably, some of Moore’s longtime critics also weighed in on CT’s decision to name him editor in chief.  

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Conservative media personality Michael O’Fallon tweeted, “Russell Moore is stepping into the role as the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today. To be consistent, CT should change their name to fit its new direction. Of the suggestions below, what should be their new name?”

The options O’Fallon provided were “Gnosticism Today,” “Neo-Marxism Today,” “Post Modernism Today,” and “Heresy Today.”

“Christianity Today has now fully, and unmistakably, embraced a posture of hostility towards your everyday, pew-sitting Christians in America,” tweeted William Wolfe, contributor for Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center. “They will represent the concerns of a small, cultured, progressive-approval seeking, elite strain of Christianity. Nothing more.”

Right wing polemical publication Protestia criticized CT along with late founder Billy Graham, calling Moore and the publication “conservative on paper, liberal in practice – befriending all and loving none.” They further characterized Moore’s leadership as a “reign of terror,” dubbing CT as “Christianity Astray.” 

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Moore will step into the role of editor in chief on September 1.