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Stallings of ‘War Room’ Fame Finds Choice Role in First Leesburg’s ‘No Vacancy’

“It’s always an honor when someone thinks of you, writes something with you in mind, feels like there’s no one else they want to play the role,” Stallings said. “The other thing is when I got the script and then I read the story and was just able to see what the church in Leesburg had done, how it had impacted people, Cecil’s story, and I just wanted to be a part of telling it, because I knew it had the ability to start a movement around the world in looking after people the Bible terms the least of these.”

First Leesburg embarks on its Welcome to Hope campaign in September to encourage churches to stream the film as a ministry outreach through Kingstone Studios.

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“We’re trying to catalyze churches to deal with the issues right there in their communities,” Ayris, Kingstone’s founder and CEO, has said of the film. “Drug addiction is such a huge one, and homelessness is such a big one, and we deal with both of those in the movie. It’s just really an encouragement to our brothers and sisters to just really look out for the least of those that are literally right there in our neighborhoods.”

Stallings expounds on the process of loving, listening and loving (again) as a community outreach captured in No Vacancy.

“When you go to show love, meaning you stop what you’re doing, go and sit down with that person, ask that person to tell you about what they’re going through, when they start telling you what they’re going through, you make it a point to just have an open heart and listen to it,” Stallings said. “Then you take everything you’re listening to, and just ask God what you should do about it. When you ask God what to do about it, God loves the homeless, the hungry. He loves the least of these. He wants to help them, and He wants to use us to do it.”

This article originally appeared at Baptist Press.