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Dog the Bounty Hunter Calls Biden ‘Little Hitler’ at Christian Event, Jokes About President’s Possible Suicide

Duane Chapman
Screengrab via Twitter @RightWingWatch

Reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman was a featured speaker at the “Opening the Heavens” conference hosted at Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, over the weekend. 

During the event, Dog the Bounty Hunter referred to President Joe Biden as “little Hitler” and “that freak,” suggesting that Biden could die by suicide once a conspiracy perpetrated by his administration to steal the 2020 presidential election is revealed. 

Despite no evidence to substantiate the claim that Biden was fraudulently elected in 2020, many within the right wing of the Republican Party regularly express their belief in the conspiracy theory, with a number Congressional candidates even making it an essential component of their campaign strategies. 

The theme of the “Opening the Heavens” conference was “The Lion Has Roared!” Lord of Host’s website described the four-day event as a “time to celebrate the promises of God that are coming to pass in your life and in the nations.”

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The conference also featured Mike Lindell, Eric Metaxas, and a live recording of Victory Channel’s FlashPoint featuring Dutch Sheets. 

During an address delivered at the event, Chapman discussed Biden’s election, drawing a connection to Jesus’ healing of a man’s blindness as described in the ninth chapter of John’s gospel account. 

“So I’m praying, ‘Lord, why have you led us in this way? Why did you let that freak steal the election? Why did you do this?’ And once I tell you why, you’re gonna agree with me,” Chapman said. “The Lord took me to the Bible, and Jesus’ disciples came up to him and said, ‘God, Jesus, why was this man born blind? Was it the sins of his father and his mother that made him blind?’”

“And Jesus said, ‘No, that’s not why this bad thing happened,’” Chapman continued. “‘The reason this bad thing happened is…to show God’s manifestation.’” 

As the crowd began to swell with applause, Chapman said, “There’s nothing we could have done about it, not at all. Yeah, he [stole] it. Because now, little Hitler, we are gonna show you God’s manifestation.”

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At a later point in the event, Chapman told those in attendance, “Wait till November when the Republican Party—I think I’ve met one Christian Democrat—when the Republican Party wipes them out. Wait till November.”