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LA Band Called ‘Cancer Christ’ Baptizes Fans in Fake Blood, Destroys Bibles During Concerts

Cancer Christ
Screengrab via YouTube @ Sweatband Records

Disclaimer: this article contains content that may be offensive to some readers.

A band named Cancer Christ has been performing concerts in the Los Angeles area wherein they baptize fans in fake blood, destroy Bibles, and play songs featuring lyrics that combine biblical imagery with violent themes. 

The band, which refers to its genre of music as “Reptilian Christian Christ Violence” and features band members who wear reptilian masks during shows, is headlined by Anthony Melhaff, who said in a 2021 interview that the band represents serving punk rock in the name of faith.

“I stand for all the would-be scum that never considered Jesus an option,” Melhaff said. “For the millions of demon worshippers that think Satan is tough or sick or down. I stand to let all those b–s know that God b–h slapped Lucifer out of heaven and only then did that punk-b–h become Satan. God f–ks the hardest and he’s ready to f–k the world, whether you believe or not.”

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During that interview, Melhaff further said that he found faith after struggling with drug abuse. Though, it is unclear which parts of the interview are meant to be taken seriously, as Melhaff also said that he met his bandmates, who are referred to as “snakeboys,” when he discovered them chained to the floor in the basement of a church. 

Speaking to his understanding of Jesus, Melhaff said, “Most of the stuff written about Jesus is completely off-base. Jesus likes sex…he likes to fight, he likes to drink, he likes to take psychotropics. He invented all that s–t. It was God’s people who think that Satan invented all the evil things. No, God did and when he gave free will to man, he knew s–t was going to get a little f–ing hairy.”

In an Instagram post following a recent show in Hollywood, Melhaff referred to the band as a church and said that the photos contained in the post captured “biblical moments in time that prove, without a doubt, that God is not dead! God bless you all!”

“Cancer Christ saving souls and performing miracles,” Melhaff wrote. The post included a photo of Melhaff baptizing a fan in fake blood, which the band refers to as the blood of Jesus, fans biting into and destroying Bibles, and what appears to be one man running a cheese grater across the forehead of another man. 

Hashtags on the post included some commonly used by Christians (such as #letusworship #thechurchhasleftthebuilding #godisgood #godisgreat #letgodtakethewheel), as well as others containing derogatory language aimed at Satan and the police. 

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In other Instagram posts, Melhaff refers to himself as “Saint Anthony.”