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Francis Chan and Eric Metaxas Discuss Christian Unity, Loving Your Enemies, and Standing for the Gospel

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Screengrab via YouTube @Eric Metaxas on TBN

This past June, Francis Chan joined Eric Metaxas on his “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” to discuss his concerns with the ongoing confrontations happening inside the church that are causing disunity among fellow believers in Christ.

Francis Chan and Eric Metaxas on Christian Unity

The former Cornerstone Community Church teaching pastor discussed his latest book “Until Unity” and how the Holy Spirit convicted him to apologize to people for things he had said and joked about regarding their theology.

Chan, who attended John MacArthur’s The Master’s Seminary, admitted that at the “very conservative” seminary there were times they’d “bash” everyone else’s theology but their own and act like their theology was always right.

“The last few years that I’ve been studying the Scriptures, I’m going, man, God is very serious about oneness, and I have said some things about his children. Like I talked about his daughters, his sons and and I have to face him you know, I’ve said some things that were inappropriate,” Chan explained. “I joked about and I just got so convicted, and I started apologizing to people. I started getting things right.”

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Metaxas said that Christian unity is a “tricky thing” because there are times that call Christians to call out stances that are wrong and misleading to people, to which Chan agreed. Metaxas immediately followed that up with agreeing with Chan that “there’s also a place for unity and love and grace.”

“We’re called to love our enemies, but we’re not called to unity with people that are saying things that are dramatically, are very clearly against what God teaches,” Metaxas stated and asked Chan how he draws that line for himself.

Chan replied, “You’re right, because there are people that will accuse you of not caring about truth or not caring about holiness [and] God’s commands if you pursue unity. And I’m going, no, actually I’m pursuing unity because that is truth—that is commanded over and over in Scripture.”