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Pastor Donates Kidney to Church Member

One year later, people are now telling Abbott things like, “Jack, you’re looking pretty good.”

“I’m finally hearing that after, you know, a year,” Abbott said. “I have been blessed beyond what I deserve.”

Abbott and Slick have also been able to return to their shared passion, running in races together. 

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“I’m an example of a person that can say, ‘You know, you can do just fine with one kidney,” Slick said. 

Describing the importance of Abbott and Slick’s story, Dr. Kensinger said, “When donors or potential donors hear these stories, it really makes an impact on being able to find as many patients as possible that can come forward for you to potentially be a donor.”

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“We are forever grateful for how much of a sacrifice [donors] make to save another person’s life through kidney transplantation,” Kensinger continued. “So they are truly heroes.”