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Paula White-Cain’s Role in Band Journey’s Finances Leads to Legal Dispute

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Left: Jonathan Cain, keyboardist for Journey (Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons); Right: Paula White-Cain (Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

In addition to serving as a spiritual adviser for former President Donald Trump, televangelist Paula White-Cain is married to Journey keyboardist and contemporary Christian musician Jonathan Cain. According to Neal Schon, the other remaining original member of Journey, the couple has been inappropriately “accessing the band’s financial resources.”

Last month, Schon’s attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to White-Cain, demanding she “refrain…from inserting yourself in any business of the band and any legal entities used by the band.” Her involvement, it adds, “contradicts the existing agreement between Mr. Schon and Mr. Cain.”

Schon, Journey’s guitarist, has had a contentious relationship with Cain, who married White in 2016. (It was the third marriage for both.) Attorneys for the couple call Schon’s claim “nonsensical,” saying he’s the one who’s hurting the band and its reputation.

Journey’s Neal Schon Calls Televangelist a ‘National-Level Con Artist’

A letter from Schon’s lawyer dated December 12, 2022, takes issue with White-Cain being “an authorized signatory” on Journey’s bank accounts, co-owned by Schon and Cain. According to Schon’s spokesperson, the Cains also have been “obscuring information, even to the point of blocking Schon’s legitimate access to those accounts.”

Schon’s spokesperson paints White-Cain in an unflattering light, calling her “a national-level con artist” who prioritizes money. “As with all aspects of her life, Paula’s marriage to Cain is easily tied to access to wealth and the trappings thereof,” read the statement. “Beyond the Christian cover for Paula’s twisted aspirations for wealth and power…Paula’s outrageously exorbitant lifestyle has been showcased across the ‘faith leader’s’ social media, including extravagant gifts attributed to Cain.”

White-McCain, 56, is senior pastor of City of Destiny Church in Apopka, Florida. A teacher of the prosperity gospel, she also serves as president of Paula White Ministries and hosts the TV show “Paula Today.”

Paula White-Cain’s Attorney Calls Accusations ‘Nonsensical’

Attorney Alan Gutman, who represents White-Cain, says Schon’s “entire claim” is “nonsensical.” Both Schon and Cain, he says, have “50% interests in the band’s operating entities through their personal trusts.” And because “Paula is a co-trustee of Jonathan’s personal trust,” both Paula and Jonathan “signed as the co-trustees of Jonathan’s personal trust.”

All of that has been aboveboard and “clearly described,” says Gutman, and Schon “never complained for two years.” When he did complain, Gutman adds, it “had nothing to do” with Paula’s involvement, and Schon “refuses to cooperate in any resolution.”