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Lecrae Shed Tears Writing ‘Deconstruction,’ Excited for ‘The Final Church Clothes Tour’

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In March, Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae is scheduled to embark on a 26-city tour titled “The Final Church Clothes Tour,” alongside Elevation Rhythm and DOE. The tour will feature stops in the American South, Midwest, and East Coast.

Lecrae released “Church Clothes 4” last November, the final installment in his highly successful mixtape series. The mixtape features 13 songs and collaborations with Andy MineonobigdylWHATUPRG, and others.

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The Christian hip-hop artist has described the “Church Clothes” series as an opportunity to say things that are sometimes difficult to express. Lecrae told ChurchLeaders that the series was “about making music that is raw and uncut and from the heart and transparent.”

Lecrae’s inspiration for the final chapter in the series came from his “own reignited fuel for God’s people and the church in general.” Lecrae wanted to talk to people stepping away from church in the last couple of years due to the pandemic.

“I wanted to encourage people who feel like they’re done with church to know that God is not done with you,” he said.

Church Clothes 4” allowed the rapper to create an avenue to encourage those who have been wrestling with leaving the church, as well as those who already have.

That sentiment was central to the song “Deconstruction,” a track that appears last on the album and which Lecrae said is his favorite. In the song, he openly discusses his deconstruction journey, giving listeners and fans a better understanding of what he went through.

In the song, Lecrae says that he got to a point of clinical depression until God spoke to him, saying, “‘Crae I know you love me, I need you to feed my sheep.”

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“I don’t feel like I just wrote the song ‘Deconstruction.’ I feel like God inspired me and challenged me to write it. I needed to get it out,” Lecrae shared. “There’s been a lot of tears shed just listening to it myself and writing it. It’s been a minute since I was crying [while] writing lyrics down, but that was one of those songs that was just really personal for me to get out.”