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‘2 Powerhouse Women’ — Naomi Raine and Taya Perform ‘Great Are You Lord’ on ‘Fox & Friends’

Taya and Naomi Raine
Screengrab via YouTube @Fox News

Taya Gaukrodger of Hillsong and Naomi Raine of Maverick City Music recently took to the studio stage of “Fox & Friends” to sing “Great Are You Lord.”

They worshiped with eyes closed as they belted out the lyrics. A moving rendition of the popular worship song included the familiar words, “It’s your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise to you only.”

As the song ended, a hush fell over the studio. “Wow! Well, that will wake you up on a Sunday morning,” exclaimed co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

The appearance of Gaukrodger and Raine launched the Faith & Friends concert series leading up to Easter.

Before the duo took the stage, they spoke briefly with co-hosts of “Fox & Friends” and were called the “powerhouse women of Christian music.” Co-host Pete Hegseth mentioned that the entire country is in the midst of a revival—beginning with the spiritual awakening happening at Asbury University.

Raine replied, “I think that more than anything, people want God. They want to see the power of God. They want to feel his power and his presence. And so what we see happening, I think, is a response to the hunger of people.”

Gaukrodger chimed in, “We, you know, got to hear the voice of the Lord and even just direction for our lives. And so we’re just praying and believing that every person that comes would have a real encounter with Jesus and that they would be able to hear him for themselves.”

Worship nights and worship concerts continue to grow in popularity around the country. Churches, college campuses, and larger venues hold eager worshippers of God. Gaukrodger added that she wants concertgoers to feel like they are having an “encounter with Jesus.”

“Both our lives have been changed, and we’ve had moments at similar worship nights where other people have been leading, and we’ve just been completely transformed,” Gaukrodger continued.

Beautiful Beginnings for Taya Gaukrodger and Naomi Raine

Taya Gaukrodger spent her energy as a youth group leader before she embarked on her music career in 2010. The bulk of her career lies with Hillsong United, where Gaukrodger served as a singer, songwriter, and worship leader. Then, in 2022, she launched her first self-titled solo album. Gaukrodger has participated in recording of songs such as “Oceans,” “Touch the Sky,” and “For All My Life.”

She is wrapping up her work on the Always Only Jesus tour this spring.

Gospel singer Naomi Raine grew up singing and writing songs. She has won numerous awards for her work as an artist and celebrates being a part of Maverick City Music. Naomi is known for numerous songs, including “Story I’ll Tell,” “Jireh,” and “Promises.”