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WATCH: Megachurch Pastor Responds to Profanity Shouted During Service

Pastor Ed Newton
Screengrab via Vimeo / @Community Bible Church

Ed Newton serves as lead pastor of Community Bible Church (CBC) in San Antonio and lives out his own “radical salvation experience.” During a recent sermon, Newton interrupted the service to address a churchgoer shouting profanity.

Newton explained that at CBC, “We’re going to be a church that embraces the tension of grace and truth.” Little did he know that an opportunity to do just that was about to take place.

Pastor Ed Newton Tossed His Sermon Notes Aside When a Man Began Shouting Profanity

With more than 25,000 attendees across three locations, staff and volunteers at CBC are well-trained to handle ministry each and every week. In a sermon titled, “We Celebrate Life Change,” Newton reiterated the church’s mission—to “champion every person to be the good news of Jesus in every place.”

Newton was sharing how Jesus taught using parables, stories to which his followers could relate. Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, religious leaders who focused too much on the law, and unbelievers, who had little understanding of the gospel message.

Without grace, the truth is jarring, unattractive, and hopeless. And without truth, grace is enabling unhealthy relationships and living. Jesus uses grace and truth together to create real life change, Newton preached.

When Newton was sharing from the perspective of the Pharisees, he said, “Religious leaders are going, ‘We ain’t lost!'” And a man attending the church service shouted out, “Bulls**t!”

“Absolutely, love it,” said Newton with a smile on his face, albeit surprised by the outburst.

Realizing that people of all ages, including children, were in the service that day, the preacher responded, “Anthony, I love you. Anthony, look at me. I’m going to need you to stop cussing, all right? Can you stop shouting out cuss words?” Newton then asked those around Anthony to help hold him accountable.

“This man saved my life today,” Anthony continued to shout. “He picked me up off the side of the street and saved my life. I was going to kill myself.”

Newton continued a conversation with Anthony from the platform and found out that Anthony was unhoused and was brought to church for the first time by Michael, the man sitting next to him.

“This is the tension,” Newton said as he tossed his sermon notes aside and sat down on the edge of the platform. “In this moment, when somebody hears your story that you were on the street and got picked up by Michael…grace.”

“Michael preached the message,” Newton concluded.