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FL Church Sells BBQ To Raise Money After Vandal Damages Building, Leaving Behind His Pants

Greater El-Beth-El Divine Holiness Church
Screengrabs via Action News Jax

A Jacksonville, Florida, pastor has been left somewhat baffled by a vandal who broke into his church, causing damage, and among other things, leaving behind his pants. Bishop Dr. Lorenzo Hall of the Greater El-Beth-El Divine Holiness Church is now calling on the community to help the church with money for repairs by supporting its barbecue fundraiser. 

Hall reportedly received a call from a neighbor on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 25, who told him that a man had broken into one of the church’s buildings. Upon arriving at the church, Hall discovered a shattered window, as well as damage inside the building. 

Inexplicably, the vandal also apparently removed a pair of pants he was wearing, leaving them behind in the church.

The vandal struck on the same day that the church holds its “bread ministry,” in which volunteers distribute bread and pastries to those in the community who have need. 

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“I’ve always told God, I just don’t want to be a preacher,” Hall told Action News Jax. “I want to be a reacher. I want to reach out and help somebody besides myself.” 

Hall also leads EL-Beth-EL Development Center, a faith based nonprofit humanitarian organization.

In light of this, Hall expressed frustration that someone would attack the church, saying, “Yet and still, this is the thanks we get.”

Hall and other church members are now selling barbecue food every Wednesday through Saturday from 1 to 6 p.m. until they are able to raise enough money for the repairs. 

Hall said that while he has always sought to lead his congregation in serving the needs of the community, “Now, we are in a position now that we need to help ourselves. And I just beckon for the community to do that for us.”

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The church is also accepting donations, which can be sent through PayPal to gospell75@aol.com or on Cash App to $Bishop1955.