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New York Pays $250K After Trying To Shut Down Christian Adoption Agency

The ruling in 2022 permanently prohibited the state of New York from enforcing state law “insofar as it would compel New Hope to process applications from, or place children for adoption with, same-sex couples or unmarried cohabitating couples, and insofar as it would prevent New Hope from referring such couples to other agencies.”

Politics Surrounding Faith-Based Adoption Agencies in New York and Around the U.S.

The State of New York is not alone. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Supreme Court are just a sampling of judicial courts in legal battles over adoption practices and rights among faith-based organizations.

Diana Chandler of Baptist Press reported on March 23, 2022, “In the latest favorable ruling, Catholic Charities West Michigan won the right, in March 2022, in a Michigan federal district court to operate according to its guiding religious principles without government punishment. At issue was the agency’s rejection of foster care placements in LGBTQ-led households.”

In June 2021, U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, upholding religious protections for Catholic Social Services of Philadelphia.

New Hope Family Services — Giving Hope for Decades

Since 1965, New Hope Family Services has provided resources and services to expectant moms when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. In 1986, the organization expanded into a full pregnancy center with counseling services and education for all parents—both moms and dads—who are making a pregnancy decision.

“New Hope Family Services seeks to be Christ’s hands extended to offer help and hope to those with pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion needs in the Syracuse area; and with adoption needs throughout New York State,” New Hope says. “Our continuum of services reaches out to people at different stages of their lives in order to encourage them to value and choose life.”