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After Seeking Shelter in Church, Murder Suspect Receives Prayer From Arresting Deputy

John Skeen
Polk County Sheriff's Office

John Skeen, a man suspected of murder, was arrested on Sunday (March 12) after seeking shelter in a church service. While that may sound like an incredible story all on its own, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that “you could say that the devil is in the details.”

That morning, the church had a guest speaker: Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County.

Skeen attended the church service along with regular church members. When law enforcement officials learned that Skeen might be in the service, they headed to the church.

Murder Suspect Hides Out Inside a Church

According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office news release, “56-year old John Skeen of Polk County was arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday morning, March 12th.”

Skeen was on a fishing trip with a friend when he allegedly shot the friend.

“Skeen had a warrant for his arrest out of Hillsborough County for fatally shooting a man on March 10th,” The news release stated. “There’s much more to the story though. Much, much more.”

Law enforcement officials worked together to remove Skeen from the church without disrupting the service.

A Facebook commenter and friend of the suspect, Marilyn, and her family were present during the church service. She described the event as “handled very well,” adding, “I had no idea anything was going on at the time. I have also known John Skeen, as well as his family, most of my life, and would never have suspected something like this to have happened.”

“I am certain that John knew [Sheriff] Grady Judd was preaching because it was well advertised,” Marilyn said, sharing her belief that God was at work throughout the morning. “I’m sure God had a hand in all of this, and I am very impressed with Grady Judd, his morals, and his ability to remain calm, no matter the circumstances. Ironically, the sermon was titled ‘am I my brother’s keeper?'”