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‘I Know That She Was Protecting Those Kids’ — Husband, Community of Nashville Shooting Victim Honor Her Memory

Cynthia Peak and husband
Pictured: (left) Chris Peak speaking about his wife, Cynthia; (right) Cynthia Peak, one of the six victims in last week's school shooting in Nashville (screengrabs via WTVF)

Substitute teacher Cynthia “Cindy” Peak was one of the six victims tragically killed in the school shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27.

Students Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney were the children killed. Peak, custodian Mike Hill, and headmaster Katherine Koonce lost their lives as well.

“She was Cindy to most, mom to few, and CiCi to many,” Peak’s obituary read.

Peak, a former substitute teacher in Williamson County Schools, was a regular substitute for The Covenant School. According to those who knew her, Peak’s teaching style went above and beyond math and reading. She was said to have crafted homemade Christmas ornaments for each student.

Cynthia Peak ‘Loved Jesus and Loved Kids,’ Says Husband

According to Cynthia Peak’s obituary, “what she would want to be remembered most for is how much she desperately loved the Lord first, her husband and children second, and all of those whom she considered family.”

Peak’s husband of 25 years, Chris, spoke of his late wife during a gathering to honor her memory, showing unwavering support and love for her.

“I hold onto what I know is the truth, and that is that my wife loved Jesus,” he reflected. “She loved kids. She died doing what she loved. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that she was protecting those kids. And I want everybody here to know that.”

As journalist Hunter Hoagland shared the video of Chris’ remarks, he said, “I’m blown away by the strength of her husband, Chris.”

Hundreds of local and global community members reacted to the video, and nearly a hundred retweeted the video.

One commented, “Lord, I thank you for giving Cynthia Peak the wisdom and strength to help protect the children. God, thank you for your mercy and grace through Jesus and for giving us the opportunity to love you back. May Cynthia Rest In Peace until the second coming of Jesus.”

“Thank you for sharing The truth,” another offered. “You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank God for Christian school teachers.”