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‘I Was Born To Share the Love of Jesus’— Megan Danielle Joins Other Christian Singers in ‘American Idol’ Top 5

Colin Stough from Mississippi

Colin Stough added his soulful sound to Danielle’s for the unique rendition of “Dive” by Sheeran. Stough also went solo as he brought a little bit of country to Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket.”

Stough received his first guitar at the young age of five—and has been playing ever since. He took to social media to share his music with the world. Stough currently works as HVAC technician. This 18-year-old Christian loves riding horses and spending time with his family.

Iam Tongi from Hawaii

Giving a nod to guest judge Ed Sheeran, Iam Tongi sang alongside Oliver Steele in a duet of “Photograph” by Sheeran. The two combined their voices as well as their skills on the guitar. Tongi also performed “Guardians” by Morissette in a special way to honor his mother.

The 18-year-old high school student has been crafting his unique sound for quite some time. A year ago, he posted an acoustic version of “There Is Peace in Christ” as a tribute to his late Aunty Neta. The song says, “When there’s no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ.”

“We are gonna miss you with your strong faith,” Tongi said.

More Than 7 Million People Watch ‘American Idol’

After six years of “American Idol” on the ABC network, Season 21 is not disappointing its fans. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie have critiqued and encouraged contestants each season since ABC revived the series.

“American Idol” enthusiasts have posted their votes and praises for each of the Top 5 performers. A fan named John MacDonald played it safe, not picking a clear winner at this stage. “They sure picked the right five here,” he said. “Any one of them could win and truly deserve it. Good luck to all of them.”

Some fans remind others that it’s not about winning. “Just remember, some of the people that have gone the furthest in their careers, were not the actual winners,” said a fan named Libby. “Just look at Jennifer Hudson.”

Those who would like to catch up on Season 21 as it heads into the finals can watch all of the episodes on Disney+.