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Pastor Serves His Community by Catching and Removing Rattlesnakes at No Charge

Tim Agnello
Screengrab via FOX5

Pastor Tim Agnello of Mosaic Church in Henderson, Nevada, is passionate about serving the Las Vegas suburb community, and the way he goes about it is rather unique. As an experienced snake-wrangler, Agnello will come to any house in the community to catch and remove rattlesnakes from the property. 

“If you find a snake in your yard, don’t panic,” Agnello told a local Fox affiliate. “Just keep an eye on it. Give us a call. We will come out. We will keep you safe, we’ll keep your dog safe, and we’ll relocate the snake.”

Agnello offers his services free of charge as a way of serving the community.

“At Mosaic Church, here, we just find creative ways to serve our community,” Agnello said. “And this was one way that I can serve with my own skill set.”

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According to the church’s website, Mosaic has a vision for “​​the Bible, continual prayer, and serving one another.” 

“We walk boldly in faith-filled risks, expecting God to move,” the website goes on to say. 

Along with his passion for ministering, Agnello has also had a lifelong love affair with snakes. 

The pastor, who recounted that he caught his first snake in 1975 at the age of three, said, “I have been into snakes ever since I was a baby.”

As he spoke to FOX5 from the lobby of Mosaic Church, Agnello wore a shirt featuring the image of a snake, as well as a necklace with a rattlesnake rattle. While catching rattlesnakes at homes in the community, Agnello could be seen wearing shorts and sandals, a tribute to his comfortability around the venomous reptiles.

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Holding out one rattlesnake, Agnello remarked, “It’s cute.”