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‘He Saved My Life’—Boy Helps Pastor out of Car in Flooded Indianapolis Street

“And I look in the middle of the street, and it’s just cars floating and it’s just very surprising,” Driver said.

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Nevertheless, to some residents, the flood was not entirely unforeseen. 

Vernon Compton, president of Brightwood Concerned Citizens, said, “It’s not unexpected because they put a main down here in the 1930s and every time it leaks, they dig a hole up.”

The Martindale-Brightwood Neighborhood, where the flood occurred, has a 30% poverty rate with 91% of residents being people of color, according to Indy Vitals.

Later in the day on Wednesday, Shepard and his wife, Pearl, returned to the scene to check on their submerged car. 

“I’m grateful that I’m alive,” said Shepard as he looked out at the damage caused by the flood, including to his car. “That’s material stuff. I’m just grateful that I’m okay. That’s going to be replaced in time. But I’m just grateful that I’m able to continue this day.”

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By Wednesday evening, crews were able to isolate the break, allowing roads to be reopened. However, the damage to homes and other properties is considerable.