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Dallas Jenkins Discusses What He Has Learned About Jesus, Leadership While Filming ‘The Chosen’

One of Jenkins’ keys for maintaining a healthy culture on set is what he called “preventative maintenance.” 

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“I believe in getting ahead of things before they escalate,” Jenkins said. As an example, he said that when it becomes obvious that the cast and crew will be pressed for time, instead of attempting to speed up the filming process, he actually stops to discuss strategy and manage expectations with the team. 

“Another phrase I use a lot is, ‘Communicate, don’t complain,’” Jenkins went on to say, explaining that he encourages members of the team to communicate their concerns and seek solutions to those issues rather than simply reacting to them with complaints. 

“We create a culture of, ‘Say something before you’re upset,” Jenkins said.

What ‘The Chosen’ Has Taught Jenkins About Jesus

When asked what he had learned about Jesus in the process of filming “The Chosen,” Jenkins said that he came to more fully realize that “Jesus is the God of the intimate, of the personal.” 

Recounting the manner in which Jesus called each of his disciples to follow him, Jenkins remarked that Jesus called each in a manner that “was personal to them.” 

“Same thing with the miracles. Same thing with the preaching that he would do,” Jenkins continued. “The vast majority of the big moments in Scripture—the miracles in Scripture and the moments in our show—are personal. And he didn’t just heal a physical malady. It was a spiritual malady as well.”

“He wants an intimate relationship with you,” Jenkins said, adding that exploring the more human moments in Jesus’ life is what he has enjoyed most about making the show. “And I think that’s why the show has worked and why it’s had the success that it’s had, is that it feels personal.” 

Regarding the criticism the show has received, which has been significant and sustained, Jenkins said that he reminds himself, “It’s not my job to feed the 5,000. It’s only my job to bring my loaves and fish.” 

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Developing that habit “takes time, especially if you’re someone like me,” Jenkins admitted, “but, man, getting there is so fun.”