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Lecrae Discontinues ‘Thoughtless’ Cardi B Shirt After Being Confronted by Another Christian Rapper

Dee-1 followed up Lecrae’s “ratchet” explanation with another Instagram video expressing to Lecrae that “we gotta better, bro,” and telling the Reach Records co-founder, “You gotta stop you coming across real lukewarm right now.”

Don’t let your desire to “fit in with the culture cause you to cosign actions from the culture that are not of God,” Dee-1 said.

Dee-1 addressed a no longer available video where Lecrae speculated that people would have called Jesus “ratchet” while he was on the earth. “Brother! No, you don’t know that,” Dee-1 said. “You’re making that up. You don’t know if they [would] call Jesus ratchet.”

“And even if they weren’t, guess what? He wasn’t calling himself ratchet,” he added. “We know that we’re sinners and we know that we need God’s grace, but that doesn’t mean that we cosign a lifestyle or term.” He then warned Lecrae that believers need “to watch what we cosign on with our platform.”

In another video Dee-1 shared why he chose to publicly address Lecrae on Instagram instead of privately reaching out to him.

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Dee-1 shared that when Lecrae chose to use his “large platform to publicly push and promote and glorify a lifestyle of being righteous and ratchet,” he felt it was his “responsibility to use [his] large public platform to put a message out and let people know that we as believers do not all agree with it.”

Dee-1 said that he did speak with Lecrae offline and thought they had come to an agreement that using the word “ratchet” in combination with righteousness “could be problematic or misleading for people.”


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It wasn’t until Lecrae chose to “monetize the moment and move forward with dropping shirts that say ‘Righteous and Ratchet,’ which included the ‘I Can Quote Cardi B and Corinthians'” shirt that Dee-1 publicly called out Lecrae for putting “business before the ministry.”

“We got to be careful about that in life,” Dee-1 continued. “When you do a ministry and business, it should never be business and then ministry.”

Dee-1 said, “The Great Commission, like, calls us as believers to make disciples of all the nations. And it seems like sometimes people try to make customers of our nations before disciples.”