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SBC Disfellowships Oklahoma Church After Pastor Wears Blackface, Dresses as a Native American at Church Events

“It was a comedic thing, it wasn’t a racial thing,” Jaquess went on to say. “I don’t have a racial bone in my body. I’m the least racial person that I know.”

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Matoaka Baptist Church had been a part of the SBC since 1880, according to Jaquess. 

While Jaquess claims that the Credentials Committee did not give him sufficient time to respond to the inquiry, Executive Committee Chairman Philip Robertson said that the committee tried to get into contact with Jaquess several times. 

“There is an extensive process before you get to what we did today,” Robertson told Baptist Press. “That does not happen without lengthy inquiries. I think it’s fair to say that those inquiries often begin at the local association level and the local state convention level.”

“There’s definitely a collaborative effort between our Credentials Committee, the local association, the local state convention and then even those churches themselves,” Robertson said. “This particular church chose not to respond, but there were multiple efforts.”

While Matoaka Baptist Church has the right to appeal its ouster at the SBC annual meeting in June 2024, it is unclear whether it will. 

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“I don’t know if I want to be a part of a denomination that would make a judgment about you without even talking to you,” Jaquess told the Associated Press. “The only thing I see that they do well is cash my check.”