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Lee Strobel Recounts Discussing the Resurrection of Jesus With Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner

“And I used to think the same thing,” Strobel said. 

Strobel went on to explain that he was an atheist for much of his life. It wasn’t until his wife, Leslie, became a follower of Jesus that he began to investigate the claims of Christianity. And even then, Strobel was seeking to disprove the possibility of Jesus’ resurrection in order to “rescue her from this cult that she’d gotten involved in.” 

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Strobel said that even men like himself and Hugh Hefner could recognize that the resurrection is the “bedrock” of the entire Christian faith. And after two years of research, Strobel concluded that “there is strong evidence” that Jesus rose from the grave, thereby proving the claims that he was both the messianic king and God incarnate. 

Strobel went on to explain that “virtually every scholar on the planet” agrees that Jesus was a real historical figure who lived in the first century and was executed by means of crucifixion under Roman rule. 

Further, Strobel said, all the historical evidence points to the reality of Jesus’ resurrection. He cited two key points of fact. First, the tomb in which Jesus had been laid was empty. Second, Jesus’ disciples became sincerely convinced that they had seen the resurrected Christ.

“They touched him, they talked with him, they ate with him,” Strobel said. The fact that the disciples made this claim is corroborated by at least nine ancient sources, Strobel explained. Further, the claim is extraordinary, given the fact that refusing to recant cost most of the 12 apostles their very lives. 

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After his two years of research, Strobel said that it was time to make a verdict. Reviewing all the evidence he had accumulated, Strobel said that he came to this conclusion: “It would take more faith to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian.”