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Lana Del Rey Feuds With Christian Influencer Who Accused Her of Witchcraft

Lana Del Rey
Left: Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Right: Screengrab via Instagram / @traci.coston

Singer Lana Del Rey recently exchanged online salvos with Christian influencer Traci Coston after Coston accused Del Rey of employing witchcraft at her shows and causing concertgoers to become afflicted with demons. 

In September, Coston reposted a clip from one of Del Rey’s concerts, which took place in Mexico the previous month. In the clip, the tightly packed crowd can be seen experiencing a “domino effect” in which the momentum of one person falling over caused a wave of concertgoers to topple.

“In general, any penned area, if you don’t regulate the crowd flow in, it can become too packed and you’ve got this risk of shockwaves, progressive crowd collapse,” crowd science expert Keith Still said at the time.

Though the incident was cause for alarm, no injuries were reported. 

Narrating over the footage of the concert, Coston claimed that Del Rey “has been open about practicing witchcraft,” likely referring to a 2017 story in which Del Rey admitted that she had attempted to place a hex on then-president Donald Trump. 

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It is unclear how sincere Del Rey was in her attempt or her admission of it. Nevertheless, Coston expressed her belief that occult practices were to blame for the wave of falling concertgoers. 

“This stuff is so real,” Coston said, pointing to the footage of the incident and shaking her head in disgust. “This is not normal, okay? That’s not a mosh pit.”

“Whatever witchcraft Lana Del Rey is doing, the spell she’s putting on her music to make it attractive, those demons are being invited into the crowd and into you when you attend,” Coston continued. “These demons will destroy your life.”

“How do I know? Because people come to me for deliverance to get rid of the demons that they get through stuff like this,” Coston claimed. “There’s a reason the Bible tells us to stay away from witchcraft: It’s because God loves you and he’s trying to protect you.” 

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Coston went on to urge, “Please give your life to Jesus. He is the one who frees you and protects you. And for the love of everything, please stop going to this stuff.”