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UPDATE: ‘Heart Function Is Good’—Paul Washer’s Heart Bypass Surgery a Success

Paul Washer
Screengrab via Instagram @heartcrymissionary. Paul Washer profile picture (Creative Commons)

UPDATED Nov. 21, 2023: HeartCry Missionary Society provided an update on their founder Paul Washer regarding his heart bypass surgery he had on Monday (Nov. 20).

“The surgery was successful and heart function is good,” their statement said. “Praise God for His mercy and grace. Please continue to pray for Brother Paul’s healing and recovery.”

ChurchLeaders original article written on Nov. 20, 2023, below.

‘We Covet Your Prayers’—Paul Washer Having Heart Bypass Surgery

Well-known author, speaker, and founder of HeartCry Missionary Society Paul Washer is scheduled to have heart bypass surgery on Monday (Nov. 20).

“After some medical tests these past weeks, it has been established that brother Paul will need heart bypass surgery,” HeartCry Missionary Society said in a statement. “We covet your prayers as he is being operated on Monday…We at HeartCry and brother Paul’s family are trusting and resting in Christ and covet your prayers as we lift him before the throne of Grace. We will be posting any official updates on this page as we receive them.”

This past August, Washer, 62, was scheduled to preach at a conference in Sau Paulo, Brazil, alongside Steven Lawson, Josh Buice, and Justin Peters but instead had to go to the hospital because of chest pains. It was reported that he was later released to recover at home.

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Washer suffered a massive heart attack on March 21, 2017, that placed him in critical condition and required him to undergo emergency surgery.

In an article published in HeartCry Magazine, Washer shared how he almost died. “Without warning, I fell to the kitchen floor unconscious. I remember nothing that happened thereafter until five days later, when I found myself in a hospital room,” he wrote. “I asked what happened, and someone said, ‘You died three times.’ My heart had stopped and had been resuscitated on three separate occasions.’”

“During my hospital stay, the pain in my ribs was intense due to the cardiac resuscitation,” Washer added. “To add to that, the damaged neuroreceptors in my brain (from a lack of oxygen) made me feel like my skin was on fire. The smallest movements resulted in intense pain. Due to a loss of my short-term memory, I nearly drove my wife crazy by asking the same questions over and over.”

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Washer received his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he served as a missionary in Peru for 10 years, founding the HeartCry Missionary Society in 1988.

Washer’s father died of a heart attack when Washer was 17.