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Brandon Lake, Dallas Jenkins Share God Moments From Each Other’s Work

Brandon Lake Dallas Jenkins
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During a recent interview on CBN Digital, Christian singer-songwriter Brandon Lake talked with “The Chosen” showrunner Dallas Jenkins about how the hit TV series has impacted his faith. Jenkins, meanwhile, described how Lake’s music has moved him spiritually—leading to successful collaborations neither man saw coming.

Lake and Jenkins are promoting the new special “Christmas With The Chosen: Holy Night,” in theaters Dec. 12. Lake is also preparing for his upcoming “Tear Off the Roof” tour. His hit song “Gratitude” was featured in the 2021 special “Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers.”

Brandon Lake: ‘The Chosen’ Turns the Bible Into ‘Full Color’

Lake, recently named Billboard’s top male Christian artist for 2023, said “The Chosen” deeply impacted his relationship with God. He shared the profound experience of watching the first episode of Season 1. At the end, when Jesus walks into the scene, “It was as if Jesus just walked into my house,” Lake said. “It was one of the most holy moments.”

Lake and his wife were both so stunned, speechless, and emotionally moved that they “couldn’t even look at each other,” he said. “It was like God just met with us. It was like the Bible went from black and white into full color. I was hooked!”

Those God moments continued as Lake kept watching “The Chosen.” One of his favorite episodes is Season 1, Episode 3, when Jesus spends time with all the children. As a father, Lake said he was moved to see the onscreen kids praying and to know that Jesus is listening. Through the TV show, Lake said, viewers get to know more about Jesus as a person, or what he might have been like in certain moments.

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Lake said his song “Tear Off the Roof” might not have existed unless he’d seen “The Chosen.” After watching the show and visiting Israel for the first time, “Everything made so much more sense,” the singer said. “It’s like putting skin on the bone.” Because that song is about Jesus healing the man whose friends lower him through a roof, Lake knew the music video couldn’t just be him “dancing around like a fool.”

Dallas Jenkins on the Impact of Brandon Lake’s Music

Next, Jenkins shared how Lake’s music has moved him spiritually, starting with the worship song “Graves Into Gardens.” Upon hearing those lyrics, the showrunner said he knew he wanted Lake to participate in the first “Chosen” Christmas special, even though Lake didn’t have a Christmas-themed song.

After “Gratitude” was featured in that special, the song hit No. 1 on iTunes. Lake also received a complimentary message from Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in “The Chosen.”