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Rob Reiner Documentary on Christian Nationalism Features Interviews With Prominent Evangelicals

Rob Reiner Christian Nationalism
Left: Montclair Film Festival, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons; Right: Screengrab via YouTube / @oscopelabs

Social media was in an uproar following the release of the trailer for a new documentary highlighting the dangers of Christian nationalism.

“God & Country: The Rise of Christian Nationalism” is being produced by Rob Reiner, an actor and filmmaker known for films such as “The Princess Bride,” “Stand By Me,” “Misery,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “A Few Good Men.” 

Reiner, who is not a Christian, is also a political advocate for progressive ideals. 

Christian nationalism, which has been gaining steam among some American evangelicals in recent years, advocates for eliminating the separation of church and state in order to create an explicitly Christian system of government.

The trailer for the film, which Reiner shared to X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday (Dec. 7), showed that the documentary features interviews from Phil Vischer, Jemar Tisby, Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Russell Moore, David French, William Barber II, Skye Jethani, and others.

“Christianity, at its best, is committed to love and truth and justice,” says Barber, a long-time civil rights leader, in an interview featured in the trailer. “If we do this right, what a country we will be.” 

“Christian nationalism is the belief that America should be defined as a Christian nation, with government adherence to this ideology,” the film’s description reads. “GOD & COUNTRY takes a closer look at the dangerous implications and explores how a base of Christians has radically stoked a movement erasing the line between Church and State.”

“GOD & COUNTRY speaks directly to the almost 200,000,000 Americans who identify as Christians,” the description continues. “Christians who fear their faith is being hijacked by an extreme right wing political movement known as Christian nationalism.”

Following the release of the trailer, some of those who are featured in the documentary reposted it, expressing their excitement for the film’s release. 

“I had a great time participating in this documentary and was able to screen it a couple months ago,” said sociologist Andrew Whitehead. “It is awesome!”

“White Christian nationalism is the greatest threat to democracy and the witness of the church today,” wrote Tisby, who is an author and historian. “This documentary brings that stark reality to the screen with an avalanche of evidence and expert commentary. This is vital viewing as we enter a presidential election year.”

Vischer, a podcaster and filmmaker made famous for being the creator of VeggieTales, said, “Hey! Some familiar faces in this trailer! (And the comments are a great reminder why this sort of work is necessary.)”