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‘Sound of Freedom’ Subject Tim Ballard Responds to Multiple New Sexual Assault Claims

Tim Ballard
Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The box office hit “Sound of Freedom” is loosely based on the life and career of Tim Ballard, founder of the anti-sex trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad. However, Ballard is now the subject of multiple investigations and a growing number of lawsuits for alleged sexual misconduct and abuse.

“Tim Ballard has dedicated his life to protecting others, and his behavior toward his former friend and colleague has been consistent with that commitment,” Ballard’s attorney, Whitney Bernstein, has said in response to the allegations.

Tim Ballard Faces Additional Lawsuits—From Multiple Women—Citing His Alleged Sexual Misconduct and Abuse

Ballard’s career has been focused on rescuing children from human trafficking. In October 2013, he founded and led Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)—an organization dedicated to human trafficking efforts and justice for the abusers. A 2023 investigation by an independent law firm found his behavior to “violate O.U.R.’s policies and values.” Ballard was permanently separated from the organization.

In October 2023, at least five women filed a lawsuit against Ballard, not counting additional civil lawsuits against Ballard claiming sexual misconduct and/or assault.

In December 2023, a former assistant to Ballard, Celeste Borys, sued him for sexual assault. Borys and her husband filed the lawsuit claiming that Ballard “violently sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions.”

Borys has reported assaults in four jurisdictions—San Diego, San Clemente, Campbell, and the Los Angeles Airport.

“My client’s decision to report the assaults in additional jurisdictions speaks to the widespread nature of the traumatic events she and other women have experienced due to Tim Ballard’s sexual deviancy,” Borys’ attorney, Suzette Rasmussen, said. “It emphasizes the critical need for a comprehensive and coordinated effort across jurisdictions to address these heinous acts.”

According to the lawsuit filed by the five women, Ballard would “fly women who would be posing as his wife or partner from across the country to Utah, because he wanted to hone their sexual chemistry for the so-called ‘couples ruse.’”

In a video posted to Facebook, Ballard explained what he called the “couples ruse” or “couples tactic.” He said, “Based upon the allegations that are currently being spread throughout the media, I want to formally introduce and clarify what the ‘couples ruse’ is.”

As part of an intentional and complex rescue, the “couples ruse” involves a male-female team going undercover and interacting with traffickers to gain credibility. In order to keep the conversation going, Ballard claimed, one partner acts like he or she is interested in sexual acts but “blames” the other partner who is against it.

Throughout the video, Ballard referred to the “heroic” female operators who have worked with him. “I’m going to pay homage, respect, love, and gratitude for these female operators,” he said.