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Pastor and Wife, Authors of ‘Fighting for Family,’ Discuss Faith & Risk With Candace Cameron Bure

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On the Feb. 14 episode of her podcast, Christian actor Candace Cameron Bure interviewed a California couple about their upcoming book “Fighting for Family.” Chris and Julie Bennett, parents of four, spoke about following God’s calling, embracing risk, and making connections to help people battle loneliness.

The Bennetts, both graduates of Baylor University, host the “Finding Family” podcast and founded Welcome Home Lifestyle to create family-themed content. Chris Bennett, lead pastor of Vintage Church Malibu, had been ministering in Oklahoma when the family decided in 2018 to uproot and move to Los Angeles.

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Shortly after that, Julie was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, their housing plans fell through, and the pandemic hit. Instead of returning to Oklahoma, the Bennetts decided to “trust that God was gonna take care of us through the journey,” said Chris.

“We realized faith is very naïve. You know, God will only sometimes tell you enough to get you to say yes,” he said. “And then you step out and you realize, ‘Oh, there’s a lot he didn’t show me.’ But that’s the trust piece…I heard somebody say, faith is spelled R-I-S-K.”

Chris Bennett & Julie Bennett on Opening God’s Invitations

Julie Bennett described their family’s adventures as opening “an invitation from God,” who always proves faithful. God came through for them so often, she said, that “I will take this leap every time.”

God provides “a grace that is sufficient that you didn’t need before you stepped into” his adventure, Chris Bennett said. “I think faith looks really foolish on the outside.” He added, “God’s track record is what’s given me the faith to keep stepping out…The theme we see in Scripture is…whatever we do by faith, God will partner himself with.”

By asking tough questions and wrestling with Scripture, Julie said, God has “always brought me to something better and more whole.” Opening God’s invitations makes his Word come alive, and that Word “begins to create deeper fruit in me and bring more hope.”

Chris & Julie Bennett on ‘Fighting for Family’

In a culture where people are great at fighting with their families, the Bennetts wanted to share practical ways to fight for family. In their book, which releases March 12, they explore God’s heart for families and for lonely people who need community and belonging.