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Suspects in Murder of Pastor’s Wife and Friend Are Members of ‘God’s Misfits,’ a Religious Anti-Government Group

KOKH also reported that OSBI investigators interviewed the teenage daughter of Cora Twombly, who told them that she overheard the four suspects plotting to murder Butler and Kelley. 

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The teen said that Adams had given the group prepaid phones and that Cole and Cora Twombly told her that they wouldn’t be home on the morning of March 29 because they would be on a “mission.” She further said that Cole and Cora later told her that things had not gone according to plan but that they would no longer need to worry about Butler. 

The teen also indicated that the group had discussed more than one plan for killing the two women, including a plot to throw an anvil through the windshield of Butler’s car in order to make the deaths look like an accident. She said that when she asked why the group intended to kill Kelley alongside Butler, Cora told her that Kelley “wasn’t innocent either, as she had supported Butler.”

Authorities said that the details of their investigation had been kept from the public until the safety of Butler’s two children could be secured. 

“We were successful. No shots were fired and the children were kept out of harm’s way,” District Attorney George Leach III told the Associated Press. 

Veronica Butler is survived by her two children. Jilian Kelley is survived by her husband, Pastor Heath Kelley of Hugoton First Christian Church in Hugoton, Kansas, and their four children. 

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All four suspects are being held without bond at the Texas County Jail.