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‘I Almost Died’ on the Set of ‘Fuller House’—Candace Cameron Bure Remembers a Stunt Gone Wrong

Bure continued to reflect on the severity of the situation. “If I just even shifted my weight the tiniest bit, it would have probably broken my neck, like landed right on top of my head,” she said. “The stunt guy was fired. And [the director] was like, ‘We’re not doing this stunt. Like, redo the whole set, because we’re not doing that stunt anymore.'”

The trio went on to reminisce about when a horse got loose on the set and ran down “the camera aisle.” Bure, Sweetin, and Barber had lost count of how many animals they worked with on set.

Candace Cameron Bure Continues To Make Wholesome, Family-Friendly Movies Despite Criticism

Being an outspoken Christian in the entertainment industry has been fulfilling and challenging for Bure. She has continued to take an unwavering stand for the traditional family model and wholesome entertainment for the entire family. And the backlash she has received from critics has only made her stronger. Critics have publicly accused Bure of being homophobic and hateful towards people of differing views.

Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, has received much of the same criticism and public scrutiny. Recently, Cameron welcomed his sister into the “James 1 Club,” including “considering it joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds” (James 1:2).

When talking about the hardships she’s endured as a Christian, Bure shared that she could have left the entertainment industry but decided against it. “Cause, truly, I just wanna live my life with conviction, but I’m just trying to live my life. I’m not necessarily trying to put my life on anyone else,” she said.

Bure was a favorite star in Hallmark movies for 13 years before making the switch to Great American Media. The network recently announced Great American Mysteries and chose Bure to star in the first film.

“I think we want to create an oasis in a cultural desert,” Bure told Fox News Digital in a November 2023 interview with Great American Family CEO Bill Abbot.

Abbott agreed, saying, “I think that the culture overall needs it. And there is just so little content out there that serves family and faith and is done in a quality way. And so that is a very big part of what our mission is and what we do, and the demand is huge.”