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Prosperity Preacher Jesse Duplantis Cites Bible Verse About ‘An Ungodly Man’ in Defense of His Wealth

Jesse Duplantis
Screengrab via YouTube / @Jesse Duplantis Ministries

Word of Faith preacher Jesse Duplantis appeared to stumble through a biblical defense of his wealth during a recent broadcast, accidentally comparing himself to “an ungodly man.”

Duplantis is not only one of America’s most famous prosperity preachers but also one of its wealthiest. Duplantis’ net worth is approximately $20 million, according to The Christian Post. He has often been criticized for using money donated to his ministry to fund his lavish lifestyle.

The awkward exchange came during “Boardroom Chat,” a program Duplantis hosts with his wife, Cathy. 

“I’ll tell you one thing: It’s better to obey than to sacrifice,” Duplantis said. “Boy, the church beats your brains out—sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.”

He continued, “I call it—especially in the church—I call it Christian propaganda. You know, that poverty is a blessing. That’s a lie. Poverty is not a blessing; poverty is a curse. It’s not in heaven—none whatsoever.”

“‘Jesus was poor.’ When was he poor? Did you ever hear him say, ‘I can’t eat today because I don’t have anything’? Uh-uh. No,” Duplantis went on to say.

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“I am a very blessed man. Me and Kathy are blessed. I’m spiritually, physically, and financially [blessed]. I’ve had more people criticize me over that jet—they still can’t get over it,” Duplantis said, likely referring to the media storm surrounding his effort to purchase a $54 million jet with donor money in 2018.

“But let me tell you why that’s water on a duck’s back to me,” Duplantis said, going on to cite Psalm 49:16. Reading from the King James Version, Duplantis said, “Be not thou afraid when one is made rich, when the glory of his house is increased.”

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He then instructed Cathy to read the Amplified translation of the verse. When Cathy pulled up the verse on her tablet, she noticeably grimaced. 

“Well, Amplified says, ‘Be not afraid when an ungodly one is made rich,’” she said. Duplantis interjected, “That’s true.”