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Televangelist James Robison Denies He Knew Robert Morris Allegedly Committed Child Sex Abuse

James Robison Robert Morris
(L) James Robison Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (L) Robert Morris screengrab via YouTube @Gateway Church

Following the recent resignation of Robert Morris as Gateway Church’s senior pastor, Life Outreach International, formerly known as The James Robison Evangelistic Association (JREA), released a statement saying the organization was unaware of the Morris’ alleged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old. Morris served with the organization in the past.

Life Outreach International, which describes itself as a “faith-based organization committed to expressing God’s love in both word and deed,” said that Morris didn’t join JREA until the late 1980s and was a “morning supervisor in the call center,” a role that included only “overseeing the daily administrative tasks of the call center.”

Morris’ duties did not include public speaking, nor was James Robison involved in professional counseling or formal restoration to ministry for Robert Morris,” the statement said.

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The faith-based organization claimed that prior to the news of Morris’ resignation, “James Robison was not aware of the specific details surrounding Robert Morris’ departure from full-time vocational ministry at Shady Grove Church.”

“As the Board of Elders of Gateway Church shared in their statement concerning Robert Morris’s resignation, we are heartbroken and pray God will heal everyone impacted by this devastating situation,” the statement concluded.

Sexual abuse survivor and advocate Amy Smith shared a newspaper clipping from April 25, 1982, that contradicts Life Outreach International’s claim that Morris didn’t join JREA until the late 1980s. The news story also indicated that Morris was more than just a call center supervisor.

According to the Longview Morning Journal, Morris was “invited to join with the James Robison Evangelical Association as an associate evangelist” in December 1981.

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The article said that many of Morris’ “services are set up through Robison’s organization” and quoted Morris as saying, “When I am in service with James, I go to the public schools for assembly meetings and give moral motivational messages concerning patriotism, drugs, alcohol, [and] sex. In Christian schools, I present a Christian message.”

Wade Burleson and Justin Peters Call Life Outreach International’s Statement an ‘Outright Lie’

Author and podcaster Wade Burleson shared on social media that he called Robison in an attempt to receive clarification regarding his organization’s statement.

“I called James Robison myself,” Burleson said. “I spoke to his assistant (Carol). I asked for a phone call from James to explain the public statement issued. As of yet, I’ve not heard from him. I’ve known Mr. Robison for 40 years. I explained to Carol that friendship takes a back seat to truth.”