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4 Steps to Accelerate Your Church’s Global Outreach Plan 

If you already have a global outreach team or committee, read one of these books together, then discuss ways to share the vision. Your church might even use one of these books for small groups or a book club. If you do, think about what resources you might supply to provide the richest experience for those reading and discussing the book.

You can also consult the Joshua Project website (joshuaproject.net) for details on unreached people groups and the progress of mission work around the world.

Several podcasts focus on missions, evangelism, and stories of God’s global kingdom. Here are a few:

4) Keep the door open.

In many churches, global outreach becomes something one committee or one pastor does, when it should really be part of the mission of the entire church.

  1. Rather than talking about what your missions committee is doing, talk about what your church is doing to make a difference in another part of the world.
  2. Always offer a next step for churchgoers who want to get more involved. This might be a weeklong prayer campaign focused on global outreach, financial support for a church trip or a project in another country, a fundraising activity, or a short-term trip.
  3. Emphasize why your church is involved globally and connect that to what it means to be a Christian. Many Christians assume that global outreach is for “adventurous types” or “specially called Christians.” Show how it is actually integral to the faith of every Christian.

5) Share stories.

You probably have some kind of forum where you or your churchgoers can share testimonies of God transforming lives. Set aside times to share stories of how people in your church have experienced transformation or God’s nearness because they joined an outreach activity.

Better yet, let these people share their own stories. Many churches utilize an interview-style format for this, where a pastor or staff member can help the churchgoer share why they got involved, what they did, what affected them, how their life has changed, and so on.

Also, tell stories of the needs around the world and those who have already been helped by your efforts. Statistics are helpful, but be sure to get specific with your stories too. Consider inviting a guest speaker to tell how God is working in other parts of the world, especially someone who can offer firsthand experience.

You can do this!

You are on the right track by looking for ways to get your church more involved in global outreach. I pray that the Lord will reveal the way forward, and I know that you and your church will be blessed as you follow the Lord’s leading.

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