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To Share Your Faith You Should Mark Your New Testament

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I frequently train others that you share your faith using a marked New Testament. While this is not the only model for evangelism, it is a simple way to equip churches to communicate the gospel. It requires no memorization of Bible verses, prayers, or scripts. As Charles Brock often stated, “What God’s Word says is more powerful and effective than anything I could ever say about God’s Word.” A marked New Testament allows the Word to speak for itself as one shares it with another person.

Often the model uses Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; and 10:9 & 13. People write Romans 3:23 and the corresponding page number near the front cover of their Bibles. When sharing the gospel, they open the cover, see the page number, and turn to Romans 3:23. Once they arrive at the passage, the text is underlined and Romans 6:23 (with the corresponding page number) is written in the margin. After sharing the initial verse, the person turns to the page on which Romans 6:23 is found.

The process repeats itself, generally concluding with a “Sinner’s Prayer” written in the back cover of the Bible.

Share Your Faith Using a Marked New Testament

While cleaning out my mother’s house, I recently came across my grandmother’s Bible. I was surprised and encouraged to see that someone had taught her how to use the New Testament to share your faith.

While the verses found there include more than the “Roman Road” and do not follow precisely the paradigm I just described, it is a variation on the model.

If you do not have a Marked New Testament in your evangelism toolbox to share your faith, add it now. It is a simple way to share the gospel without memorization and with simple prompts written in the margins. If you already use this model, be sure to train others how to use it too. Church members frequently state they do not know what to share with someone. A marked New Testament is a simple tool that helps alleviate their concern.


This article about how to share your faith originally appeared here, and is used by permission.

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