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31 Ideas for Your Church’s Easter Sunday Impact


13. Community humility. 

Participate in a community-wide Easter service held at a large local venue, like a school stadium. Bring together pastors from various denominations to plan, pray, share ideas and divide the workload and costs.

14. Easter road show.

Instead of putting all your resources into a large Easter service, develop a team that can conduct Easter services—even a children’s service featuring an egg hunt—at locations around your community. Housing projects, senior citizen developments, trailer parks, etc., are good places to start. You’ll hit “low mobility” individuals and families who might never have the chance to visit your church and hear the Gospel.

15. Appreciation Easter lilies.

Instead of spending money for Easter lilies to decorate the church, purchase lilies as a donation to local businesses, hospitals, law enforcement, schools, etc. Attach a small sign or tag from your church, “With appreciation during this Easter season.”

16. Resurrection Run.

Hold a Resurrection Run motorcycle rally each year and invite motorcycle enthusiasts from the community to participate.

17. Easter labyrinth.

On Easter Sunday, promote a labyrinth experience featuring stations of the cross. Even unbelievers are interested in a spiritual experience that helps them learn about the true significance of Easter.

18. The empty egg.

Offer a community-wide Easter egg hunt that involves several avenues to share the Gospel. From puppet ministry to a worship band, to sharing the parable of the empty egg (representing the empty tomb), you can use this event to introduce the community to Christ and invite them to Easter services.

19. Appreciation gift for Easter.

Offer a free gift like an inexpensive Max Lucado book to the first 50 families who come to your service.

20. Canned food donations.

Encourage everyone who attends your Easter service to bring canned food for a local food bank. Seeing the church serve others can offer unbelievers a different view of the church and ultimately cause them to be more open to hearing the Gospel.

21. Cross connection.

Use the tradition of a flower cross at Easter. Buy hundreds of carnations and during the response time, invite people to place a flower in a large wooden cross framed with chicken wire.

22. The World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt.

The week before Easter Sunday, advertise a huge event called something like “The World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt.” Include inflatables, games, food, door prizes, free Bibles and music at the event. It makes it easy to invite the community back the next week for Easter services. (Check out these Easter puns for kids.)

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