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10 Questions to Diagnose the Evangelistic Health of Your Church

Evangelistic Health

Evangelistic health of any church is not that difficult to discover.

Any good physician will make certain your physical exam includes at least three components. First, the doctor will want you to have thorough lab work. Second, all exams include a comprehensive look at your physical body. Third, the physician will ask you a series of questions that would lead him or her to know more about your overall physical and emotional health.

In my work with churches across America, I often ask a series of questions that help me assist the church to become more evangelistically focused. Recently, I took time to write down the questions I ask most often.

Look at these 10 questions to get at least some hints of the evangelistic health of your own church.

1. Are members more concerned about the lost than their own preferences and comfort?

Listen to how church members talk to understand what their true priorities are.

2. Is the church led to pray for lost persons?

Most churches are pretty good about praying for those who have physical needs. But do they pray for those who have the greatest spiritual need—a relationship with Jesus Christ?

3. Are the members of the church open to reaching people who don’t look or act like them?

The Gospel breaks all racial, ethnic and language barriers. Do the members seek to reach others? Do they rejoice when these people become a part of the church?

4. Do conflicts and critics zap the evangelistic energy of the church?

An evangelistic church is a united church. A divided church is rarely evangelistic.

5. Do small groups and Sunday school classes seek to reach lost persons within their groups?

Sunday school was once one of the most effective evangelistic tools in the church. Are the groups in your church evangelistic?