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8 Signs You Love Legalism More Than Jesus

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you should be increasing in joy. You should have increasing peace. This is the ONLY result of being in God’s presence. But, if legalism has enslaved you, increasing joy will be replaced by increasing skepticism toward people and hostility toward God.

Is your heart increasing in joy and peace or cynicism and unrest? Is your perspective on life optimistic? Does God appear more like a grumpy old man or a life-giving Father?

8) You only participate in Christian activities with other Christians.

Numerous times in his short ministry, Jesus was called a “friend of sinners.” But he wasn’t called this by everyone. Only religious Christians used this phrase. You see, it’s the ones who grew up in church, gathered years of information, but never allowed the information to pave a road to Jesus who are in danger of legalism.

And, consequently, in danger of missing Jesus.

Many Christians make separating from “sinners” their primary mission, and legalism allows you to justify it. Protecting your children from sinful people and activities makes sense. Legalism says if someone discovers you at the bar or hears you invited a prostitute over for dinner, you will be labeled. And God can’t work through a stained reputation. So separate from evil sinners. Protecting your reputation is a stewardship issue.

Don’t listen to the lies.

What message are Christians sending when they attend Christian schools, sign their kids up for Christian activities and only have Christian friends?

Reaching the lost is difficult inside a bubble.

God knows you can’t live up to his standard. You sin every day. So do I. He doesn’t condemn you. He’s for you. Breaking free from the shackles of legalism takes time. But you must start somewhere. Embrace the simplicity of the gospel. Rest in the security of your salvation. Jesus has accomplished everything. It is finished.

I love you all. To God be the glory forever. Amen!

This article originally appeared here, and is used with permission.