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6 Reasons People Leave Your Church

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Whether you like it or not, if you’re a church leader, people will eventually leave your church. It’s one of the frustrating realities of church leadership. I used to get really upset whenever anyone would leave a church I was serving. However, over time, I’ve learned to simply deal with it. If you understand why people leave your church, it’ll help you to have better retention. So, what are some reasons that people leave your church?

6 Reasons People Leave Your Church

1. They’re church hoppers and it’s simply what they do.

I have spotted some of these people from a mile away. One time, a family started attending a church I served, and they told me about the churches they previously attended…seven churches in 10 years.

I had a staff member who was so excited about them, and I told him to be cautious because they wouldn’t be at the church more than two years, according to their track record. Eighteen months into their tenure, they left.

These people leave your church because they’re church hoppers. It’s simply what they do.

2. Staff Transitions

The higher up on the totem pole the staff member, the more attrition you can expect. However, nearly every time you hire someone or a staff member leaves (whether on their own volition or via termination), you will lose people.

3. You Make Changes to Programs (Starting or Stopping Them)

If you kill a program, you’ll upset some folks to the point of departure. Other times, you’ll show that you’re going a new direction by launching a new initiative, and it’ll cause people to feel like they no longer fit.