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Did Jesus Really Mean What He Said About Divorce?

That pastor said he came back to his office afterward and found a note on his desk that said,

“Dear Gene, I wish I had murdered someone like Moses did, instead of getting a divorce. At least then I would have gotten a second chance.”

Many of my divorced friends express the same sentiment.

That’s why if you’ve been divorced, I want you to know that I believe…

  • when you consider the whole counsel of scripture
  • when you realize that one sin isn’t any worse than another one
  • when you realize that there is a difference between a “moment” of sin and a “lifestyle of sin”
  • when you understand God’s grace in all its fullness
  • and when you realize that “every person in Christ is a new person”

I believe when you take all of these things into account, that if a Christian who has been divorced (and their spouse was not unfaithful), that after taking an extended period of time to heal, seek counsel and prepare to make their next commitment for life, I believe the Bible teaches they can get remarried.

People may disagree with me, but I believe that when we look to Jesus on divorce, that is what he was trying to teach.

What do you think?