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7 Habits That Can Lead to Adultery in Marriage…and How to Stop It Now

Pride is that sinister little whisper in your ear making you feel entitled to do everything your way and in your preferred timing. Pride destroys relationships than anything else. Show mutual respect at all times. Respect and thoughtfulness aren’t just good tools for preventing adultery in marriage; they are vital to health in every part of your marriage. Just because your spouse does things differently than you doesn’t necessarily mean your way is better (or worse). Celebrate each other’s differences.

#5 is toxic to a marriage and is often the first big step towards an affair...

5. Keeping secrets from your spouse.

Secrecy is the enemy of intimacy. The moment you start deleting text messages, hiding things or doing anything you hope your spouse doesn’t find out about, you’re already way out of line! If you want your marriage to thrive and be protected from adultery, make the “Secret-Free Guarantee.” Never keep secrets and never tell lies to your spouse. Full and transparent honesty is the only way a marriage can work.

#6 reveals the one word that can instantly weaken your marriage...

6. Threatening divorce could lead to adultery in marriage.

The “D-Word” in marriage can shatter the foundation of trust that every marriage should be built upon. Whenever we start creating exit strategies in our mind or whenever we threaten to leave, it creates an atmosphere where infidelity (and/or lots of other negative factors) can more easily happen. The strongest marriages remove all exit strategies and remove the word “Divorce” from their vocabularies.

#7 might be the most important one on the list… 

7. Going on “autopilot” (When you stop making efforts to strengthen your marriage)

We’ve all been around couples where one or both spouses have “checked out” of the relationship. They still live in the same house and technically they are still married, but their thoughts and their hearts might as well be a thousand miles away. They’ve grown numb and they’ve silently given up even trying to make things better. If this (or any of the factors on this list) is happening in your marriage, please don’t lose hope and don’t fall for the toxic temptation of having an affair. There is help and hope available for your marriage. Get counseling. Get help. Don’t give up.

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