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How to Quickly Lose All Your Influence on Social Media (6 Shortcuts)

6. Talking Only About Yourself

Who’s your social media about?

Is it all about you?

Are you talking with others?

Showcasing something bigger than yourself?

Celebrating others?

We are all narcissists in one form or another, but social media has given us a platform to take self-indulgence and self-absorption to a whole new level.

We are in the middle of the rise of the selfie-generation. And with it comes a curse: a life devoted to self ultimately leaves us alone.

If you want to leverage influence well, spotlight others, even the people you lead.

Don’t make it all about you, and your influence will grow.

What Do You See?

Those are six things I see that undercut influence online.

In my next post, I’ll write about keys to growing your leadership and influence online.

But in the meantime, how about you? What do you see that undercuts influence?

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